Before looking at each offer into detail, here is, in few words, Akesio’s purpose and credo: we simply want to help you “feeling good”! In other words, in a stressful world, we can’t expect to be as zen as Buddha (at least not without some years of monachal life :).

What we aim to do at Akesio, is help you to better cope with your daily life stress without living like a monk. We aim increase your mental wellness and happiness potential. And as with everything great in life, this is not a “quick fix” solution, it is a “process”.

We’re believing so much that “healing “ is before anything “a process” (not one shot panaceea) that we have chosen our name “Akesio” from the Goddess of the “healing process” of Greek mythology (Akesis). If you want to know more about us let’s continue the story over a coffee (we looove coffee)!

Snap Stress

Price £299


Get a picture of your current stress
Find if your daily life is harmful
Have a one stop shop experience
No matter how strong, trained and talented we are, juggling with intense stress is like “playing with fire”. It requires all our attention and energy and this is not sustainable in the long run. There is a high risk of “burning (out)”. Better to take in time the “temperature”, measuring risks and have the proper protection.

What you get

Personalised expert programme:
Natural treatment (supplements)
Stress reduction techniques
Personalized lifestyle recommended diet, exercise, sleep, others

Mental Wellness Programme

£50/month 12 month membership


You wanna know everything about your stress (a 360° view)
You strive for performance, for your brain and/or your body
You want ongoing support and guidance

Let’s imagine our life journey as boat trip on a turquoise sea, with a blue sky. You will need to acquire some basic navigation skills. You will also have a bunch of tools to help you -a compass, a map- and a crew who will not only help you to run the ship but will also make the journey more fun for you. Some days will be sunny and easy but others will bring rain and storm. You will have to "hold tight", perhaps change the route and come up with inventive solutions to prevent the ship from sinking. Other dangers may can come in different shapes and forms, unexpected. At any given moment, sharks, rocks and other (life) obstacles may threaten your boat or your life. These threats and obstacles are what science calls “stressors”. They are real (like a car about to run you over) or just perceived dangers (speaking in public is no life and death matter, yet our body often responds to the idea of speaking in public as if our life depended on it).
What we do at Akesio? We’re your crew (that’s awesome, we’re honoured travelling with you :), we’ll guide you as much as we can. We provide you with the best tools. We will be at your side to help you deal with the obstacles and threats (sharks, storms and the like) that may roughen your journey. But we will also try to help you enjoy the ride and make the best of it. Let's imagine the sea level is your ability to feel good and joyful. You will need the right sea level to navigate smoothly. Otherwise, even with no obstacles your boat won't go far. It may get stuck very quickly. In short, that's what our Mental Wellness programme is all about: it's designed to help you navigate smoothly, feel good (with the proper sea level) and avoid or overcome life obstacles as well as possible with the right tools and skills.

What you'll get

Personalised natural treatment (supplements)
Stress reduction techniques
360° stress test
Stress hormone test: 2x year
Ongoing mental wellness assessments
Heart rate variability (HRV)
Behaviour changing support
Symptoms and behaviour tracking
Personalised minfulness program
Lifestyle recommendations
Life Pillars

Life Pillars

Akesio will help you to check on those life pillars that are your life foundation and support but can also be a source of stress. The sources of stress are not always obvious. It is important to also identify the hidden stress, internal conflict and frustrations that you may not always be aware of. Some of us believe we aren’t affected by stress, either because we’re in denial or because we got so used to it we don’t notice it anymore. Some of us may also feel “stressed” or “unwell” without knowing why, because we don’t see any reason to be.

We will identify the blind spots of your pillars and work on strengthening them, in order to improve your wellbeing, happiness and joy.
Time Management
Values and Purpose

At a Glance

Snap stress
Mental wellness programme
Stress hormone test
1 x
2 x
Online assessments
1 x
On going
Recommendations and treatment
On going
1 time for 3 months
Personalised natural treatment (supplements)
Stress reduction tehniques
Tracking symptoms
Life pillar program
Values & Purpose
Health & wellness
Time management
Behaviour change support
Heart rate variability-device monitoring
Personalised mindfulness
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